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2000 Toyota MR2 Roadster DNA Automotive Ferrari 360 Spider Replica

2000 Toyota MR2/Ferrari 360 Spider Replica - View All





Vehicle History

Overall condition: Good
Number of owners: 16
History: Part
MOT: July 2023 (Will renew before sale)

The MK3 Toyota MR2 Roadster, also known as the W30, was the final generation of the MR2 lineup, produced from 1999 to 2007, weighing less than its predecessor at 1,066 kg, and a focus on handling (this MR2 was produced in 2000). DNA Automotive, a UK-based company, then took this lightweight, nimble chassis and clothed it in a body kit that interpreted the Ferrari 360 Spider. The result is a car that turns heads just as easily as its Italian muse, but that is much less stressful to own and operate.


  • Styling inspired by the Ferrari 360 Spider
  • Dynamic ‘BBS 5 Star’ replica alloy wheels
  • Finished in Rosso Corsa Red

The DNA Automotive Ferrari 360 Spider replica is a body kit based on the Toyota MR2 Roadster resprayed in Rosso Corsa Red. This 360 Spider replica attempts to replicate the exterior of its namesake from its rims, air vents and rear bumper.

The Rosso Corsa coachwork has day-in, day-out wear and tear, light swirls, stone chips and paint missing on exposed edges of the sills. The near-side headlight lens has light crazing at the top corner. There is fabric wear on the 360 Spider replica’s roof.

This 360 Spider replica proudly showcases metal Ferrari-styled badges placed in their correct locations. The 360 Spider replica has inspired BBS’ 5 Star’ alloy wheels with alloy scuffs on the wheel rims.

Watch a video of the Ferrari 360 Spider Replica/MR2


  • Comes with a peppy 1794cc engine
  • Self-serviced oil changes
  • Has new exhaust

The owner considers the mechanical state of the MR2 Toyota 360 replica to be good, with the recently fitted stainless steel four-port exhaust a highlight. The hood hinges have been refitted; it retracts smoothly and is held in the extended position by hydraulic struts. The engine sounds healthy starting up, producing a throaty rasp.

The underbody looks clean, with evidence of underseal treatment. There is a little surface rust on some components. The 360 Spider stands on tyres boasting a significant tread depth of 5mm, ensuring optimal grip and safety.


  • Bluetooth phone and audio kit
  • Power steering
  • Has inspired Daytona seats

This Toyota MR2 Ferrari 360 Spider has an inspired Daytona driver and passenger seat. The MR2 Ferrari 360 Spider has excellent ergonomics featuring a versatile glove box, working air-con and Bluetooth phone and audio kit.

This 360 Spider replica has power steering, great for the daily drive, rain or shine. The 360 Spider pays homage to its namesake with embroidered red passenger and driver carpets with the Ferrari lettering.

Why bid?

Bidding on this MR2 360 Spider replica is an opportunity to own a car that combines the best of two worlds. It captures the exotic charm and style of the Ferrari 360 Spider while retaining the reliability, affordability, and ease of maintenance of a Toyota MR2 Roadster.

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