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Meet the Owner

Neil Atkinson - CEO of Bidding Classics

It all started with a copy of The AA Book of The Car and then I dismantled my first engine at age 9. A lifelong love of cars has followed, and I have owned quite a few; Mk 1 Escort, Minis, an Alfasud, five Subaru Imprezas, and an Evo VIII MR are some of the good ones.  But the one that sticks in my mind was a two-year-old Nissan R35 GTR I bought in 2012 for £45k.  I took it to tracks all around the UK as well as several trips to the Nurburgring and Spa. Fun times! But what was an eye-opener to me was selling it four years later for £41,500 – to a dealer. I had no idea that a modern car could be almost depreciation free.  So, I became an avid watcher of the classic and modern classic market – I bring all of this to the Bidding Classics – to list the right appreciating classics for your collection.

Degner 1 at Suzuka

Formula 1 is back in Japan this weekend – and that means Suzuka. One of the shrinking number of ‘old school’ tracks providing a genuine challenge to the drivers. 

It also means early morning starts to watch live, but that’s why we have Sky +!

It’s a figure of 8 circuit, so it spreads the cornering load (and neck load) more evenly than normal. It doesn’t seem narrow on TV, but it is – probably half the width of one of the more modern tracks. 

F1 is the pinnacle of aero grip but there is an unintended consequence of all that easy 5g grip. 

Tracks like Spa in Belgium are a real challenge to fast road car drivers (I can assure you this is true!) 

But now so much of Spa is flat out in an F1 car. It really isn’t a challenge to the driver. The cars now zoom round those tight corners with ease. 

But look at Degner 1 at Suzuka:

Degner 1 at Suzuka | Blog | Bidding Classics Keep an eye out, Formula 1 is back in Japan this weekend - and that means a Suzuka challenge, Degner 1.

This is a few years ago with Nico Rosberg driving. When was the last time you saw an F1 car look so flustered?!

Even if some drivers say Degner 1 is easy (they do) what they don’t tell you is that you have to get around it and then immediately brake for Degner 2.  If your car is out of shape that becomes a big moment. 

it caught out Pierre Gasly just today in Practice 2. 

So if you are one of those people who thinks F1 is boring and prosessional just watch out for Degner 1!

Have a good weekend.

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