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Meet the Owner

Neil Atkinson - CEO of Bidding Classics

It all started with a copy of The AA Book of The Car and then I dismantled my first engine at age 9. A lifelong love of cars has followed, and I have owned quite a few; Mk 1 Escort, Minis, an Alfasud, five Subaru Imprezas, and an Evo VIII MR are some of the good ones.  But the one that sticks in my mind was a two-year-old Nissan R35 GTR I bought in 2012 for £45k.  I took it to tracks all around the UK as well as several trips to the Nurburgring and Spa. Fun times! But what was an eye-opener to me was selling it four years later for £41,500 – to a dealer. I had no idea that a modern car could be almost depreciation free.  So, I became an avid watcher of the classic and modern classic market – I bring all of this to the Bidding Classics – to list the right appreciating classics for your collection.

Buy a classic? Or Restore?

As well as buying and selling by online classic car auction, there is another way worth considering. Restore an old classic car.

Buy a classic, Or Restore? | Blog | Bidding Classics

You can buy a project and restore it exactly how you want, or bring your old car back to showroom condition.

Our sister company, Carrosserie has been restoring cars of all kinds for the last 20 years.

Have a look at some of the projects here.

We can cope with all elements from bodywork and fabrication, through to paint repairs and full resprays, interior and hoods as well as mechanical and electrical work.

Our craftsmen use a mix of modern and traditional techniques to get the best finish for your car.

As you see we are currently working on a wide mix of cars; MGB, Mini, 911, 912, 1920’s Rolls Royce Boat Tail, Mustang, Range Rover, Sunbeam Tiger, BMW E9 CS.

So if you have a classic in need of TLC, fill in the form and we will be in touch.

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