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2000 Volkswagen Golf Mk3.5

2000 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet 1.6L Mk3.5 - View All





Vehicle History

Overall condition: Very Good
Number of owners: 3
History: Partial History
MOT: 23rd June 2023

The Volkswagen Golf has been a pretty familiar sight on the roads of the UK & Europe for some time now, in fact, the Golf has been in continuous production since 1974 with the eighth and current variation being released in 2019. It has been a popular choice for many, with the small hatchback offering a range of affordable options as well as more performance-orientated vehicles. The Golf has been sold in its millions, predominantly as a hatchback; however, Volkswagen did offer the first four generations of Golf as a Cabriolet.

This Golf Cabriolet is referred to as a Mark 3.5. Registered in September 2000, it has only passed ownership three times, being stored for a decade before being purchased and partially restored by the current owner. It features a new hood as well as gorgeous aftermarket alloys and a bag of history, documenting its maintenance over the last 23 years. It also comes with the private plate included and the car has been detailed.


Finished in Reflex Silver, the overall condition of this Golf is very good. There is only one noticeable blemish which is in the form of a dent to the passenger side rear arch. Otherwise, the bodywork appears to be in fantastic condition. The multi spoke 17’’ JR wheels are a welcomed modification, purchased and fitted in October 2022 and as such are in perfect condition.

Hankook tyres are present all around, with plenty of tread present. The electronic, folding roof is fully operational and boasts a new black mohair hood, fitted in the summer of 2022 by a specialist. Documentation for the roof and alloys are present and have been photographed.


The Golf’s 1,595cc (1.6L) is reported to be in a fine bill of health. It was started and manoeuvred multiple times during our visit and performed as it should. Revving and idling confidently, the car provides a fun and enjoyable sporty tone as it accelerates through the gears, which are smooth and easy. The car features several renewed parts, some of which are documented. This includes; a new rear axle, cambelt and water pump, new brake drums and discs all round, new wheel bearings, new CV joints and drop links, a new exhaust and suspension. The car has also been undersealed to add protection and longevity.

Documented services;

  • Hare Motors – August 2011 – No note of mileage
  • Hare Motors – August 2012 – 34,889
  • Hare Motors – July 2013 – 35,889
  • Hare Motors – July 2014 – 36,346
  • Hare Motors – August 2015 – 36,756
  • Hare Motors – July 2016 – 36,885
  • Hare Motors – August 2018 – 37,329
  • CTS Part invoice for Oil filter – May 2022


Inside the cabriolet, you are greeted with a well-preserved and clean interior. The seats are a mix of black and grey fabric and are in fantastic condition, with very little evidence of any wear. The same goes for the carpet and leather trim around the gear stick. The black plastic dash is free from damage and scratches, with all buttons reported to be in working order, apart from the electric windows which are temperamental. The car’s low ownership and low mileage have certainly played a role in keeping the inside of this car in wonderful order.

Why bid?

This Golf Cabriolet is a rare bit of kit, with many reported to be the higher 2.0L engine, this 1.6L is uncommon. The Mark 3.5 has benefited from several refreshed mechanical components, a brand-new roof and stunning aftermarket alloys but the real draw is its low ownership and mileage. Being stored for a decade has kept the weather away and the miles low, making this Golf one attractive car.

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