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1999 Porsche 986 (Boxster)

1999 Porsche 986 (Boxster) - View All





Vehicle History

Overall condition: Good
Number of owners: 12
History: Partial
MOT: 1st November 2023

The First Gen Boxster, known in house to Porsche as the 986, started to ship in 1996, these two door roadsters were the successor to the 968 which was the last Porsche to feature a font engine two door formula. These 986’s (Boxsters) were vastly different to the 968, with a mid engined flat six roadster formula these first gen Boxster’s were a lot closer in spirit to their more expensive offering, the 996 (also known as a 911), which these do share some parts with. Porsches offering was competing with the likes of Lotus with the Elise S1 and the BMW Z3 M both of which were targeted to the enthusiast roadster market.

These Boxster’s never have received the praise they deserved as they were very similar to the 911 of the time so they often were seen to be the cheap 911, but this snobbery only made these cars very attainable and the cheapest way into a Porsche, not a bad thing! The Boxster’s were seriously good cars, lovely interior, handled beautifully with its Porsche DNA and its all so very Porsche Boxer style engine it really did pull. The Boxster single handily saved the Stuttgart firm in its 90s financial sufferings becoming Porsches biggest volume seller till the introduction of the Cayenne.


  • Gorgeous traditional Porsche design
  • Very respectable condition for a 24 year old car
  • Soft top in great condition
  • 997 Turbo wheels fitted

This Boxster is finished in a lovely gloss black, this 986 really is gorgeous paired with its lovely 997 wheels.  These first gen boxsters really are quite timeless, without aid of the numberplate signalling its age to the untrained eye, it would be quite hard to put an age on this Porsche, especially with its more modern wheels retrofitted. The styling of the 986 took some years to refine from its first concept to final release, It is clear that it heavily takes its styling ques from the 911 of the generation, not a bad thing. This particular Boxster being a 1999 model has the pre facelift styling, which has been regarded as the better looking model, with a bit more classic styling it wears the title modern classic a little better.

This particular example has received some styling tweaks which add to its aesthetic, we see the rear lights have been tinted darker to match with the paint and so have the front indicators. One nice addition to the styling over a standard Boxster is the exhaust tips, this being a sport package Boxster received the sports exhaust which not only livens up the sound and engine a little, it has bigger tips which sit in the centre exhaust exit, lovely.

The overall condition of this Porsche is very good with its paint still looking great, and soft top in good condition for a car of its age with the operation being speedy and seamless. Unlike a lot of roadsters / convertibles of this age the soft top is also completely watertight. If I were to be picky with it, this Boxster could benefit from a new front plate and perhaps a headlight restoration.

Watch a video of the 1999 Porsche 986 (Boxster)


  • Lovely sounding flat 6 making 204bhp
  • Pre facelift engine, has the stronger IMS
  • Sports package car, includes sports exhaust and upgraded sports short shift gearbox
  • Car starts, stops and drives perfectly with no bangs or clunks, like new feeling

The mechanical state of this Boxster is great, everything works as expected with no hesitations. The flat 6 idles beautifully and pulls perfectly, no troubles whatsoever. That mid mounted flat six has power in all the right places making this car very compatible with all types of driving, perfect for daily use as well as spirited blasts. The powerplant produces a claimed 204bhp, which is more than enough to get it moving, with the torque at the top end this car really wants you to put your foot down, a true drivers car. The sports exhaust really livens this roadster up, it sounds excellent, there really is no need for music in this car. A new battery was also just fitted a couple of months ago.

Handling wise this Boxster is really quite special, with its engaging chassis and high levels of feedback this is a true sports car. There is no knocking or any troubles with the steering. Naturally due to its age this car lacks advanced driver aids, really allowing for the driver to get that authentic raw Porsche experience, especially with the mid-engine flat 6 setup this really is more of a true ‘Porsche’ than some of their later offerings.


  • Lovely black and beige interior colour, rare combination
  • Neat head unit installed allowing for modern creature comforts and better audio quality
  • Driver focused layout with no distractions

Moving our attention toward the interior, this Boxster is presented in a lovely two tone beige and black colour scheme which would appear to be somewhat rare. This interior feels both comfy and sporty, offering a sense of warmth while also having seats to hold you taught in the corners. Being a 90s designed interior, with a four cd holder and a very driver focused interface it’s a lovely place to be. Previous owner fitted an aftermarket touchscreen head unit designed specifically for the Boxster, it adds modern features such as Bluetooth and hands free calling while not looking out of place.

Why bid?

This Boxster is a brilliant little roadster with plenty of traditional Porsche features and styling. The first gen roadsters are now considered to be a classic, and are most definitely a rememberable part of Porsches history. This example is presented in great condition and wants nothing but to just drive it. If a comfortable and engaging roadster experience is what you’ve been looking for, this could be the Porsche for you, with plenty of mot its ready to roll.

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