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1988 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet GTI 1.8L MK1

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Vehicle History

Overall condition: Good, Restorable
Number of owners: 15
History: Very Good
MOT: May 2024

Arguably one of the most sought-after marques, the Volkswagen Golf MK1 is a nostalgic hatchback that radiates cool. For decades the model has been a regular sight on the roads, with generation after generation able to purchase a Golf developed in their era.

The car’s heritage was built from these early marques and over the years they have become very much an icon of the brand, providing retro thrill and 80s fun to those lucky enough to own one. The Cabriolet magnifies exactly that with the help of a fold-down roof that allows the occupants to feel, hear and enjoy the driving experience on a different level.

This 1988 Golf in recent years has spent the majority of its time stored in a barn, untouched and unused. It’s in good condition but could be transformed into an exceptional example with the right know-how. It is accompanied by a large folder of history, including the original service book and past MOT certificates as well as numerous part invoices. It’s a great icon, arguably now the poster car of the model and would make a wonderful addition to any enthusiast’s driveway.


Finished in Diamond Silver Metallic, the condition of the Golf is good, but there are several blemishes present and as such the car would benefit from some time in a body shop. There are several areas of patina, with marks and scratches present on most panels, some worse than others. The vinyl soft top however is in very good condition, replaced within the last few years. Aftermarket alloys have been fitted, matching the red interior, these do contain a few scuffs but the original wheels are also available with the purchase, tyres on all sets are plentiful.


During our visit, the Golf’s 1,781cc (1.8L) fired up with no hesitation, getting the car up to speed easily and accompanied by an enjoyable note. It has been used very little in recent years but the paperwork provided informs us of a large amount of work completed in 2020 where the gearbox was rebuilt and a new German clutch kit was installed. In addition, the servicing of the car has been well documented with several entries present the last being at 139,443.

Service book entries;

  • November 1989 – 1,788 miles
  • May 1992 – 27,820 miles
  • February 1994 – 42,607 miles
  • December 1994 – 48,882 miles
  • December 1995 – 59,351 miles
  • August 1996 – 65,666 miles
  • June 1997 – 74,369 miles
  • February 1998 – 82,300 miles
  • April 1999 – 99,622 miles
  • February 2001 – 114,004 miles
  • August 2002 – 134,421 miles
  • August 2010 – 139,443 miles


The interior of the Cabriolet is in general pretty good with some wear visible. A beautifully executed 80s dash is presented in black plastic which appears damage free and with only the smallest signs of use. The fabric seats are again in generally good order, there is some wear, most noticeable on the driver’s seat where a patch has been sewn in. The vibrant red carpets are in very good condition and a very colourful addition to the car.

Why bid?

The Golf MK1 has always been the go-to classic hatchback for a lot of reasons, its sporty good looks, fun performance and usable practicality, it’s a cool bit of kit! The Cabriolet variant has become a bit of a cult classic, adding further fun and enjoyment to retro ride. This one is in usable condition, but with a bit of love especially on the exterior body, the car could be transformed into a wonderful example.

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