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1988 Porsche 928 S4

1988 Porsche 928 S4 - View All





Car Summary

  • Drives & performs very well, with plenty of maintenance to note
  • Low mileage example, covering around 13,000 miles in the last 20 years
  • Seemingly retains plenty of original components
  • Previously resprayed in 2013, from Beige to Dark Metallic Blue
  • Includes a fantastic selection of paperwork & history, including a certificate of authenticity
  • Presents an excellent opportunity to obtain a rather rare ‘80s icon

Vehicle History

Overall condition: Great
Number of owners: 8
History: Previous paintwork
MOT: No current MOT (Will be sold with full MOT)

First debuted at the 1977 Geneva Motor Show, the Porsche 928 is certainly a rather standout vehicle from motoring history, especially within Porsche’s lineup. The 928 was actually the manufacturer’s first V8-powered production vehicle and remains its only coupe equipped with a front-mounted V8.

Rather remarkably, the decision to implement the V8 was seen as somewhat of a compromise during the aftermath of a global oil crisis, yet now arguably stands as one of Porsche’s greatest decisions to date.

Despite a turbulent market, the 928 would go on to be very well received, and even became the first and only dedicated sports car to win the title of “European Car of the Year” in 1978. Over the years, the platform would be subject to a vast array of changes, including styling tweaks, drivetrain upgrades, and perhaps most important of all; a huge increase in displacement.

Presented today, is one of the later 928 examples, otherwise known as an “S4”. Benefitting from years of upgrades and changes, this 928 S4 boasts sleek bumpers, notable interior changes, a smooth automatic transmission and as previously mentioned, the upgraded 5L V8.

In addition to showing off a rather desirable specification, this particular example also benefits from years of care & excellent maintenance and even shows a rather impressively low mileage figure. In fact, the vehicle has only covered around 6 thousand miles within the last decade, and now displays just 82k on the clock.

If you’re in the market for a historically significant Porsche, this 928 S4 is a fantastic display of the ‘80s icon, and will no doubt make a superb collection piece, or fun weekend toy.


  • Resprayed in Dark Metallic Blue in 2013
  • 18” two-piece Speedline wheels
  • Iconic 928 styling

Originally beige, the vehicle now sports a gorgeous coat of dark metallic blue. Although the blue certainly suits this sleek 928 brilliantly, there are minor signs of age beginning to peek through. Perhaps the most common of which, are micro blisters noticeable all around the vehicle, particularly towards the front end and bonnet.

In addition to these minor blemishes, and slight clear coat inconsistencies on the bonnet, there is also light cracking to the rear spoiler. Ideally, the spoiler would greatly benefit from being repainted, although the vehicle does still sit rather attractively despite its marks.

Accompanying the blue paintwork is a set of staggered 5-spoke Speedline wheels, which truly do suit the vehicle brilliantly. The wheels are in great condition for their age, although slight curbing, minor blemishes, and signs of age to the hardware are to be expected. The wheels come wrapped in a much-welcomed set of Pirelli tyres, with plenty of tread left to enjoy.

It is certainly worth noting that exterior trim pieces and details also present themselves very well for their age. In fact, with the exception of slight cracking to the N/S/F indicator lens, the lights could very easily pass for like-new.

Overall, this Porsche 928 is in great condition for its age. Whilst the aforementioned paintwork defects are present, the vehicle remains exceptionally sleek and will no doubt continue to turn heads for years to come.


  • 5L V8
  • Automatic transmission
  • Excellent service history
  • Fitted with a Cat 2 Thatcham alarm system and immobiliser
  • Last serviced at 81,261 miles by Strasse Leeds, in 2019
  • Fitted with a new cambelt and belt pulleys at 81,327 miles, in 2020
  • Will be fitted with a new battery prior to sale
  • Will be supplied with a full MOT at point of sale
  • Runs & drives brilliantly

Buyers will be pleased to know that this Porsche 928 S4 is believed to be in full working order, with the current keepers unaware of any mechanical or electrical issues. The only exception to this at the date of photography is a flat battery, which will be replaced prior to the sale of the vehicle.

Being rather revolutionary for Porsche at the time of its release, it should come as no surprise that the main attraction under the bonnet is its whopping 5L V8. In addition to supplying buckets of torque to the rear wheels, the mighty powerplant also treats the driver to a truly superb soundtrack, which is tastefully enhanced by the car’s stainless steel exhaust system.

In terms of maintenance and history, this Porsche is certainly one of the better-maintained examples and includes a huge folder of invoices & history. Within this folder, you’ll find the likes of numerous previous MOT certificates, Porsche owner’s club documentation, and invoices for consumables, servicing, repairs and replacement components.

Perhaps most notable of which is an invoice from 2020, which covers a new cambelt, replacement pulleys, and a sunroof adjustment. This work was carried out by Strasse Porsche specialists in Leeds, who have seemingly cared for the vehicle for a considerable number of years. It also deserves to be noted that whilst the vehicle currently doesn’t possess an MOT, a full year’s certificate will be arranged upon the sale of the car.


  • Features the original leather interior
  • Equipped with a factory sunroof
  • Fitted with a single DIN Alpine head unit
  • Great condition

This Porsche 928 S4 boasts what is believed to be the original leather interior, albeit with the inclusion of an Alpine head unit and Porsche badge embroidery on the front headrests. Despite being nearly forty years old, the interior presents itself in excellent condition for its age, with a rather impressively low amount of wear & tear to note. It is fair to assume this is a result of caring ownership, and the reasonably low mileage covered.

As you would perhaps expect, the majority of the wear found within the vehicle can be found on the driver’s seat, in the form of slight bolster wear, and very minor leather age marks. That being said, it could be argued that the seat condition still exceeds what you would expect for a low mileage example, and hardly detracts from the overall form & function.

Passenger seats, on the other hand, fail to display any noteworthy signs of wear, and have clearly seen far less use. It should be noted that whilst no noticeable signs of wear are present with the rear seats, the leather does show slight discolouration. This is likely simply due to the vehicle’s age, and would most likely be alleviated with a thorough detail & correction.

Carpeting throughout the vehicle also reflects clear signs of care, and with the exception of slight discolouration to the driver’s floor mat, shows no concerning signs of wear. Headlining follows suit, as do both door cards. In fact, the only other signs of wear can be found with a few of the control/switch contact points, particularly the driver’s window controls. Despite losing their finish slightly, these controls are believed to be in full working order, as are the rest of the electronics throughout the cabin.

Why bid?

The 928 marked a groundbreaking design decision from Porsche and now stands as one of the most significant vehicles from the manufacturer, and within the classic car world as a whole. It’s a vehicle that took the ‘80s by storm, even rivalling Porsche’s legendary 911 along the way, and will no doubt continue to be highly sought after by enthusiasts for years to come.

This particular example is an excellent showcase of the model, greatly benefitting from years of care, plenty of maintenance, and a rather low mileage figure. Presented today in full working order, this would make a superb exotic weekend toy, and would suit any classic collection, brilliantly.

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