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1988 Peugeot 205 CTI Cabriolet

1988 Peugeot 205 CTI Cabriolet - View All





Vehicle History

Overall condition: Very Good
Number of owners: 21
History: Full
MOT: 18th October 2023 (The car was subject to a cat C in 2002. However, it has been given a full inspection by JJ Performance and has been given a clean bill of health)

The Peugeot 205 was officially unveiled to the world at the Paris Motor Show in 1983, where it garnered significant attention and received critical acclaim. Its design, crafted by Gérard Welter, was a departure from the boxy and utilitarian designs of its time. The 205 boasted sleek lines, a low-slung profile, and a distinctive, wedge-shaped silhouette that exuded a sense of modernity and dynamism. Its compact dimensions made it perfect for navigating crowded city streets while still providing ample space for passengers and cargo.

In 1984, Peugeot introduced the legendary 205 GTi, which quickly gained a cult following among driving enthusiasts. At the heart of the 205 GTi’s allure were its peppy engines and engaging handling characteristics. The GTi was initially equipped with a 1.6-litre fuel injection engine, which generated around 105 horsepower. This engine was an evolution of the existing XU-series engines used in other Peugeot models, but it was tuned specifically for the GTi variant. In 1986, Peugeot would introduce the more potent 1.9-litre 130 horsepower engine.

Peugeot would go on to introduce the 205 CTI cabriolet in 1986. Styled by legendary design house Pininfarina which shows throughout the design of the car. Pininfarina cut the roof and the C-pillar and beautifully installed the fabric roof, so when the top was up, it looked like a regular 205. The CTI used the same engines and running gear from the GTI, which helped to provide excitement to the top down motoring experience.


The bodywork of the vehicle is free from scratches, marks or dents. The plastics, badging and lights all appear to be in good condition. The owner informs the car has received a respray in its factory white paint. Upon closer inspection the paint looks good with no streak marks or patches. There is a small amount of visible fading to the red GTI strip on the rear bumper and a small flake of rust above the front right headlight.

The car sits on the most desirable wheels, a complete set of 205 GTI Speedline alloy wheels, commonly known as the “Pepperpot” wheels. These distinctive wheels with their unique pattern of small circular holes are synonymous with the GTI and are highly sought after by enthusiasts. All wheels wear 185/60 R14 Nexen tyres that appear to have a good amount of tread on them.

The black fabric roof presents in good condition, with no perforations or tears. Upon photographing the vehicle the owner reported the roof is watertight with no leaks.

Watch a video of the 1988 Peugeot 205 CTI Cabriolet


Fitted with Peuegot’s lively 1.6-litre GTI engine, this cabriolet feels brisk thanks to its weighing only 904kg. The engine is smooth and has a willingness to rev, delivering excellent mid-range torque and a spirited top-end performance. The gearchange has a slick and precise feeling, with its close gear ratios well-matched to the engine’s power delivery, providing excellent acceleration and seamless transitions between gears. Equipped with a front disc and rear drum brake setup. The cars brakes have a strong initial bite and progressive modulation. In summary this is a fantastic classic drivers car that has been well maintained. Notable recent work includes a recommissioned by JJ Engineering, who gave the car major engine service, including new throttle body and cam belts. This car has also been undersealed so future owners do not have to worry about underside corrosion.


The grey and red cloth seats present well with no visible wearing, marks or tears. Central to the cockpit experience is a lovely 5-speed manual gearbox with thick leather steering wheel that features red stitching with a large CTI logo. There is visible wear to the steering wheel rim however as to be expected for the age of the vehicle. The dashboard has no cracking or fading from the sun. The owner reports that all the interior switches and controls work as you would expect. Carpets are all present throughout the vehicle. The plastic rear window has suffered sun damage, which has made the material more opaque than transparent, however this could be easily rectified as a reputation Peugeot specialist or classic car garage.

Why bid?

The Peugeot 205 GTI Cabriolet is an irresistible classic car that encapsulates the essence of fun open-top motoring. With an estimated 38,000 CTIs made during its 8-year production run these are increasingly highly sought-after collector’s item. Rare to find an example in this condition with full history – do not miss your chance to secure this iconic 205 – place the winning bid today. Good luck!

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