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1987 Saab 900 Turbo

1987 Saab 900 turbo - View All





Car Summary

  • A fantastic project opportunity
  • Rare, seemingly original example
  • Excellent seat condition

Vehicle History

Overall condition: In need of restoration
Number of owners: 11
History: None
MOT: None

The 900 is easily one of Saab’s more iconic vehicles, known for its unique styling and quirky engineering decisions. It’s also quite a varied model, with plenty of variants and configurations offered across its two generations. This particular example sits towards the later end of the first generation, benefitting from a facelift for its model year.

Now closing in on forty years old, this 900 has 11 former keepers, and proudly retains plenty of original components. As is often the case with these older vehicles, not a great deal is known about the car’s past, with previous paperwork and history being lost along the way.

That being said, the current keeper has the V5C document, and the relevant paperwork for the included registration at hand, ready to sign over to the lucky new keeper.


  • 153B Citrus White paintwork
  • 15” alloy wheels

Although not a great deal is known of the vehicle’s past, it would seem that this Saab 900 still sports its original finish and alloy wheels. Being close to forty years old now, it should come as no surprise that the paintwork does show considerable aging and blemishes. Perhaps the most obvious of which, is notable paint peeling and corrosion around the exterior, particularly to the lower sections of the vehicle, and to the edges of panels.

With the exception of the doors and lower sections, a great deal of these blemishes do appear to be somewhat surface-level, and could easily suit a more patina-focused style if desired. Otherwise, it would seem likely a refresh and fresh paintwork is in order to bring this mighty Swede back to its former glory.

Although the paintwork is looking a little tired at the moment, the exterior does still boast plenty of original trim components, such as the badging, and lights, which may save considerable cost during a potential restoration.

As previously mentioned, the car sits on its set of 15” alloy wheels, which present themselves in a respectable condition for their age. That being said, a thorough refurbishment would no doubt work wonders for their finish.


  • Turbocharged 1985cc 4-cylinder
  • 5-speed manual
  • Starts & drives

Buyers will be pleased to know that the vehicle fires up with a turn of the key, and moves under its own steam with no obvious issues other than age-related consumables such as the brakes. That being said, the vehicle does not currently possess a valid MOT, nor is there any known service or maintenance history.

It seems likely that the vehicle will need to be recommissioned to some extent before it graces the roads once again. It is certainly advisable for the vehicle to be trailered away by the lucky new owner.


  • Original cloth interior
  • Blaupunkt head unit
  • Heated seats
  • Electric windows
  • Well-preserved interior finish

A peek inside the cabin of this Saab 900 reveals a rather well-preserved interior, which seemingly shows far fewer signs of age than you would perhaps expect. It’s also quite well equipped, boasting the likes of heated seats, electric windows, and a Blaupunkt head unit.

Despite the mileage covered and age of the vehicle, both front seats show impressively few signs of wear and tear, as do the rear seats. The carpeting in the rear follows closely behind, but both front footwells would benefit from a thorough detail or reconditioning.

In keeping with the condition of the seats, the steering wheel, controls, and contact points throughout the interior also show impressively few signs of use. In fact, the only areas that reflect their age within the interior are the headliner, door cards, and the corrosion towards the bottom of each door.

Why bid?

Presented today is a great opportunity to obtain a rare Swedish legend, in the form of this 1987 Saab 900 Turbo. Rather impressively for its age, the vehicle seemingly shows plenty of its original finish, including a rather well-preserved interior.

Given the vehicle is seemingly yet to receive restoration prior to its return to the road, this would no doubt make a fantastic restoration project, supply of original components, or even a patina-adorned display example.

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