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1987 Ford Escort XR3i - View All





Vehicle History

Overall condition: Good
Number of owners: 7
History: Part
MOT: 26th June 2023 (Will be MOTd for the successful bidder)

In 1968, Ford introduced the Escort to the UK market as a replacement for the Ford Anglia. It was a compact car with a rear-wheel-drive layout, available in saloon, estate, and van models.

The sporty Escort RS1600 was introduced in 1970 and featured a Cosworth-designed engine and in 1980, Ford debuted the Escort XR3. With its  sportier design and improved performance, the new model was introduced to compete with the Volkswagen Golf GTI and the company spent £500m developing the all-new overhead-cam engine that was to prove crucial to Ford’s success. Three years later, fuel injection was added to the XR3, thus the name XR3i.

The XR moniker came from the US, where it was originally featured on the Mercury Cougar XR-7 and in 1986, Ford introduced the fourth-generation Escort – a facelifted version of the MK3.


  • Supplied with a set of 14in Genuine Escort XR3i alloy wheels with good tyres
  • Finished in Radiant Red
  • Fabric roof appears to be in good condition – roof up and down

The Escort XR3i’s exterior is finished in Radiant Red, a shade that highlights the sporty character of this classic Ford. There are no signs of corrosion on the bodywork and the fabric roof is in good condition, operating smoothly and transforming the Ford from a hot hatch to an open-top cruiser.

In exterior photos, the Escort XR3i is wearing the 15in Ford Escort RS Cosworth rims (plus a spare), each showing 5mm of tyre tread. It is also supplied with a set of four, genuine 14in Escort XR3i alloy wheels to complete the exterior package and add to its period-correct appearance.

Watch a video of the 1987 Ford Escort XR3i


  • 1597cc CVH fuel-injected engine
  • MOT valid until June 26th 2023
  • 5-speed manual gearbox

The 1,597cc engine, known for its robustness and pep, runs smoothly and offers an authentic 1980s driving experience. The MOT is valid until 26 June 2023.

The underbody is in good condition, with evidence of a rust protection product being applied, whilst the engine bay is clean and tidy.

There are six main dealer stamps, including the post-delivery service in the included service book. The timing belt, fuel injector pump and water pump were all changed in 2018 and since that point, the car has been driven under 1,000 miles. An insurance-approved Gemini Aquila alarm system with a certificate of installation provides peace of mind to the new owner.


  • Equipped with premium MB Quart speakers
  • Electrically-operated front windows
  • Headlining looks tidy

The Ford Escort XR3i’s interior exudes period appeal – from the Kenwood CD radio and XR3i steering wheel to the chunky buttons. The front seats are in good condition, although the covers are slightly loose – something easily fixed by a trimmer. The rear passenger seats are firm, although there is some slight staining to the right-hand seat.

For an enhanced audio experience, the car comes equipped with MB Quart speakers. The electrically-operated front windows and tidy headlining on the underside of the convertible roof add to the comfort and functionality of this classic model.

The Escort XR3i has carpeted footwells and an additional rubber mat in the driver’s side.

Why Buy?

With 1980s classics really coming into their own, a convertible ‘fast Ford’ makes the ideal choice for a vehicle in which to enjoy the good weather. With its perfectly period atmosphere and timeless looks, it’s time to put those speakers to good use and make this car the soundtrack to your summer.

Vehicle Specification

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Notice to bidders

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