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1987 Ford Capri 2.8i Special

1987 Ford Capri 2.8i Special - View All





Vehicle History

Overall condition: Very Good
Number of owners: 3
History: Partial
MOT: Until 7th March 2024

The Ford Capri was launched in 1969 and was viewed and sold as the car you always promised yourself, it was widely viewed to be the European mustang, being quite affordable the capri was a part of almost everyone’s family, if you didn’t have one you knew someone who did. The Capri’s of all the generations were viewed to be a true peoples car and around 1.9 million were made over its seventeen years of production.

This particular example is a mark three, the last and one of the most loved Capri’s which was only popularised by the famous TV series known as the professionals, this Capri is also a special edition which features some extra niceties such as painted headlight surrounds, front grille and an all important 5 speed manual over the original 4.

In terms of the owners history this Capri has been family owned since the late 1990’s with the sellers wife’s grandmother being the 2nd owner and driving it up till 2020 when she gave up driving. Since then the current owner has fitted a nicer sounding exhaust which livens up the engine note, the current owner also still has the original exhaust system which will come with the car. Attention should also be drawn to the fact that this Capri is exceptionally low milage for its age with dvla mot history all the way back till 2006. This Capri has also been looked after by a local family friend mechanic.


  • Finished in Rosso Red which is mostly original and in a very presentable condition
  • Very respectable condition for a 36 year old car
  • Optional extra and rare vinyl roof in a great condition
  • Original 13 inch seven spokes are in ok condition

Finished in a gorgeous Rosso Red paint this Capri has been well preserved over years and features a very tidy look with the vast majority of its exterior still being totally original. This Capri being a special it features various improvements such as the colour matched front grille, colour matched wing mirrors and the colour matched headlight surrounds which really do add a level of individuality to this Capri. The special edition also gave some RS style wheels which help add an additional level of pedigree to the package.

Drawing our attention towards the condition of this example, we can see that overall, it’s in a lovely condition and is more than good for its age. The original paintwork is present in most areas apart from one front wing and the tailgate. The tape stripe and decals are in very good condition with exception to a small rub on the offside front wing. The vinyl roof, glass, and lenses on all of the lights are in great condition looking completely unaged. There is some scope for improvement for this Capri, the ford logo on the centre caps have been worn, on the tailgate there is a rust patch and the front bumper has some rust. It should also be noted that the retractable arial doesn’t work currently. Overall this Capri looks lovely and has a really original and period aesthetic to it, with a little tinkering this would be in a spotless condition.

Watch a video of the 1987 Ford Capri 2.8i Special


  • Greatly desired 2.8 litre Cologne V6 engine
  • Superior 5 speed manual is equipped
  • Beautiful sounding sportex dual exhaust (original will come with car)
  • Drives faultlessly with no knocks and bangs

The mechanical state of this Capri is great, everything works as expected with no hesitations. The Cologne V6 idles beautifully and pulls perfectly, no troubles whatsoever. The Cologne V6 features fuel injection which was a real buzz word and hype at the time of release, the powerplant produces around 160 horsepower which is more than enough to have fun in this chassis. The sports exhaust really livens this Capri up, it sounds excellent, and adds an additional dimension to the overall experience. It should be stated the original will come with the car should you wish to revert to standard.

The 2.8 Injection added some additional handling upgrades which set it apart from the otherings, this model received, Bilstein shocks, stiffer springs, thicker anti roll bars, vented discs brakes, wider wheels and the all important 5 speed manual gearbox which pairs lovely to the thumping V6. While photographing this car I can report there is no abnormal noises and the car drove flawlessly on the day.


  • Impressive original half leather Recaro Sports seats in great condition
  • Original aesthetic thought, including the original ford head unit
  • Lovely old school Ford steering wheel showing minimal wear
  • The dash has two small cracks where the wind screen blower vents are.
  • Drivers arm rest has a small split (visible in video).
  • Fuel gauge works on and then off.

Moving our attention toward the interior, this Capri does not disappoint, being the special we have some lovely Recaro designed sports seats which remain in excellent condition, these seats are pleasure to sit in and really look the part. The overall condition of this interior is really impressive as its all practically original and has lasted 36 years while still looking almost factory fresh. There is a little scope for improvement with the interior, mainly the sun visor on the passenger side needs addressing as the visor won’t stay up, and the boot struts would be good to replace. The spare wheel and jack are also present within the interior and are in good condition.

Why bid?

Finding a good Capri is only getting harder as time goes on, and this certainly is great one, being one of the last to roll off the production line this is a special piece of history to the ford linage that could be yours. As mentioned in the ad there’s some areas that could do with addressing and that would bring this car up to a factory standard, it would make for a very rewarding project to complete. Overall, this car really is a head turner and a fantastic drive, after all it was the car you always promised yourself.

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