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1984 Mercedes-Benz C280 CE (W123)

1984 Mercedes-Benz C123 280 - View All





Car Summary

  • Vehicle was acquired in 2017 as a weekend cruiser
  • Most powerful engine offering other than the AMG version
  • Highly desirable coupe body
  • Excellent project potential with half leather interior
  • Slightly scruffy but completely original condition
  • Third series update to the C280 CE (W123)

Vehicle History

Overall condition: Fair
Number of owners: 9
History: Not Known
MOT: Until mid-March

Introduced in the spring of 1977, the C280 CE (predecessor to the E Class) was a shorter coupe version of the W123, which was one of Mercedes’ most successful models, selling 2.7 million units before production ended in 1985. Like previous models, the W123 had an outstanding reputation as being well built and shockingly reliable. Equipped with the in-line 6 M110.988 engine, this car produces an impressive 182hp at 5800 rpm which was quite ahead of the offerings from the opponents at the time.


There is a certain charm that only an old Mercedes has from this era has and that can be seen from this example of a C280 CE (W123). Boasting a large presence while also sleek and elegant this car looks at home in any environment. The bodywork is in ok condition with minimal wear and tear and certainly acceptable for a car of this age, it does have some corrosion mainly on the underside of the bonnet. The headlights, taillights and chroming is all in decent condition and contrasts nicely with the beautiful blue paint. This vehicle could benefit with a few badge replacements and the grill to be restored which would help bring the car back to its former glory. This vehicles wheels are in okay condition and also has a towbar fitted.


  • 2.8L straight six 182hp engine, known to be bombproof
  • 4 Speed automatic transmission
  • Vehicle has MOT till mid-march
  • Bosch K-Jetronic fuel delivery system
  • Respectable sub 10 second 0-60 time
  • Vehicle is on 188,877 miles


This Mercedes has a part leather interior in a period correct blue paired with tasteful wood veneer. The large steering wheel sets up the interior for being a luxurious cruiser, with the sunroof opening for a pleasant summertime drives. We also found a JVC head unit has been swapped in place of the original unit, there is paperwork to suggest that new speakers have also been fitted. The overall condition of this interior is in a fairly okay position but could do with a little love, and the rips in the seats being sorted out. The glove box has failed and doesn’t shut without the help of a bit of duct tape but it’s an easy fix, all of the original buttons are present as are the OEM floor mats.

Why bid?

The C280 CE (W123) is regarded by many as the ultimate classic Mercedes-Benz, with the 280 model being favoured by collectors. Bidding Classics is proud to offer C123 280, which should provide a sophisticated companion for weekend drives or long distance grand touring. Presented in usable condition and reported to be fair working order, this coupe would benefit from some sympathetic restoration, but is ready to be enjoyed and driven immediately.

Vehicle Specification

Seller Overview


Seller Type

Notice to bidders

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