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1984 Land Rover Series 3

1984 Land Rover Series 3 Hardtop LWB 2.3 - View All





Vehicle History

Overall condition: Very Good
Number of owners: 9
History: Part
MOT: 1st October 2023

Production of the Series 3 Land Rovers commenced in 1971 and ended in 1985, with offerings of a 2 door, 4 door and a pickup, it also came in either a 88inch or 109 wheelbase, the same as its predecessor the series 2. This particular example was produced in 1984 which came with some mid offering changes, such as the stronger driving splines to solve the half shaft issues that older series’ Land Rovers suffered with.  

The Series 3 boasted a fresh facelift from the series 2 and 2a, with its headlights relocated to the wings, centred with the traditional mesh grille featured on predecessors helping retain that known for rugged militant styling. From a mechanical perspective, the series 3 was a huge step in the development of the loved and cherished defender blueprint, as this series 3 featured a synchromesh gearbox, which would find its way into the defender later in the Land Rover timeline. This was the first step in the transitionary period between the Land Rover becoming a civilian vehicle rather than a military workhorse.

This particular example of a Series 3 has done it all, having started its life out as an ex MOD missile carrier and has recently been used by Louis Vuitton as a press vehicle used at an event and for photography purposes. All the OFFICIAL correspondence and documentation to show that Louis Vuitton booked, branded and included the vehicle in their Savoir Faire event for a two week period are included. In a sense, this Series 3 could be considered to be a Louis Vuitton collectors piece, as a one of one Louis V Land Rover. It should also be noted, due to its age, in one year it will become a historic vehicle therefore exemplifying itself from MOT, Tax and the pesky ULEZ fees.


  • The car enjoyed a decent restoration in its previous ownership
  • The overall exterior condition is good for a 39 year old truck
  • Excellent BF Goodrich Tyres fitted all round on nice black steel rims
  • The pickup bed is in good condition with multiple compartments and a modern winch
  • Can be converted by removing the roof and windows.

Finished in a traditional Heritage Pastel Green, this series 3 really sells the image of a hardworking pickup ready to go to work. With its signature boxy styling and unmistakably British presence, this vehicle is sure to impress wherever you take it.

Being a long wheel base variant in addition to a pickup, this series 3 is debatably the most practical of the offerings, sporting a highly utilitarian aesthetic. The pickup bed comes with a professionally installed winch adding to the robust feel, combined with a tow bar this truck is ready to work. Up front we see the spare wheel mounted on the bonnet paying homage to its military heritage.

Drawing our attention to the vehicles condition, it is impossible to miss the stunning paint, while unclear it is likely to have had a respray at some point of its life. With minimal rust and dents to the body, its really quite impressive considering its almost historic status, all of the lights and fixtures are undamaged and original parts. Rather uniquely to this Series 3 is its Louis Vuitton branding affixed to both doors, as mentioned in the history, this vehicle has been used for a press event and promotional shoots for the luxury designer brand.


  • Fitted with a 73hp 2.25L I4 Petrol, the most reliable of the offerings
  • Power is delivered to all four wheels via a four-speed manual gearbox with high and low range
  • First Land Rover to come with a synchromesh gearbox
  • The car starts, runs, and stops very effectively, belying its 86-year history

The mechanical state of this old Land Rover is perfect, everything works as expected with no hesitations. Due to its low milage and dozens of MOT’s passed you can feel assured that it drives fine. Its 2.25L engine has proven to be one of the more reliable of the bunch, while not as powerful as the V8 it certainly still has the power to get it moving. Having one of the petrol offerings is actually quite desirable as the diesel variant lacked smoothness and power. While fuel economy really isn’t much to write home about, these engines take very well to LPG conversions if that’s your thing. This engine also has been retrofitted with a more modern electric fuel pump and ignition which helps with power and reliability.

The underside of this pickup is fairly clean with minimal rust, all of which appears to be superficial. Judging by the looks of the underside there has been some underseal applied over the years, based on the fact it’s a near 40 year old Land Rover, underseal must have had to of been applied multiple times to maintain its clean status.


  • Three seater cab setup with good condition leather seats
  • Rugged and minimalist trim and dash panels
  • A certain Land Rover charm with its body coloured painted interior

There is no printed history to suggest the seats have been upgraded, it would appear that they have been swapped out for some modern Britpart leathers. This seat upgrade really makes the Land Rover feel more comfortable and classier. One of the major defining points of an old landys interior is the shelve that runs across the dash for stowing vital items such as a days lunch or a spanner or two. Being that it is an old militant styled vehicle, there really isn’t much going on, but that’s the beauty of it all, you’ve got all you need and that’s plenty, who needs 100s of screens when all you need is a full tank and four wheel drive after all.

Why buy?

This Series 3 is a great example of one of the most revolutionary Land Rovers made, with its synchromesh gearbox and introduction of more user friendly features, while paying homage to its militant past, preparing for its future as a defender. While being part of a greater story, this example has had its fair share of unique adventures given its Louis Vuitton association earning yet another badge for its duties. Whether you’re looking for a collectors piece, an investment or an interesting vehicle to soon bring into the ulez zone, this militant steed is all you need.

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