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1979 MGB Roadster

1979 MGB Roadster - View All





Vehicle History

Overall condition: Very Good
Number of owners: 12
History: Part
MOT: Yes despite being exempt

The MGB arrived on the motoring scene in 1962 as a replacement to the ubiquitous and perennially popular MGA. The MGB was a fascinating mix of innovation and tradition as if to endear itself to the widest possible market. A progressive unitary construction was combined with many components which could trace their origins back to the launch of the MGA and even earlier.

The MGB went on to become the best-selling sports car in history, prior to the arrival of the MX5, with over 500,000 units being built and sold. Thanks to this success, there often seems to be a surfeit of choice for the prospective MGB purchaser. However, examples of this car’s quality and value are very much rarer and, thus, eagerly sought after.  As such it represents an excellent ownership prospect for the seasoned MG enthusiast or first-time classic car owner alike.


  • Subject to a body restoration and respray in its current ownership
  • In fine, period-correct condition throughout
  • Fitted with refinished Rostyle wheels
  • Original hood presenting in a very good, used condition

The MGB roadster was the first of the range to be introduced in 1962 and exhibited a clean and fresh design language which remained fundamentally unchanged throughout the car’s long life. North America’s strict safety regulations dictated the introduction of the rubber bumpers, to replace the original chrome items, in 1974.

During its current ownership, this MGB has undergone a thorough and fastidious body restoration. This work includes a number of replacement panels and a full professional respray in its current Vermillion Red. The paint appears to have been expertly applied and exhibits a deep and lustrous shine throughout. There is a small area of paint flaking to the rear of the offside door aperture, but no other cosmetic issues were noted or reported.

The MGB is fitted with the correct Rostyle 14-inch pressed steel wheels. These are finished in gloss black to the centres and silver to the rims. They are centred with MG centre caps and affixed with chrome finished wheel nuts. The wheels have been refinished as part of the restoration process and are presented in excellent condition. The wheels are shod with matching Falken Sincera radial type tyres in the correct 165/80 configuration. These appear to be in a good overall condition with plenty of even tread depth in evidence.

The light lenses, chrome accents and cabin glass all appear to be in an excellent original condition. The black fabric hood is understood to be original and is slightly faded in places. The rear window and quarterlights are in excellent condition, however, with no cracking or fogging present. The car comes with a full, zipped tonneau cover, hood cover and wind deflector panel.


  • Fitted with the 1798cc B-Series inline four-cylinder engine
  • Power is delivered to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual gearbox
  • The switchable Laycock overdrive is fitted, acting on third and fourth gears
  • The MGB starts very readily with no smoke or unexpected noise in evidence

The BMC B-series engine was already a well proven unit when first fitted to the MGB at launch in 1962. Essentially an enlarged version of the MGA unit, the B-Series was originally rated at 95bhp and 110 Ib-ft of torque in this application. This was sufficient to endow the MGB with an 11 second 0-60 mph time and a top speed in excess of 100mph. Contemporary road tests suggest a 25mpg figure being easily obtainable. All of these figures represented competitive results for mid-market sports cars of this era.

It seems this example may have been fitted with a “Gold Seal” factory refurbished engine, if the block colour is anything to go by. None of the paperwork on hand seems to document this, however. What we can say, however, is the car starts very well and ticks over and revs sweetly with no evidence of smoke. The car has clearly been well cared for across its history and lots of interesting paperwork is on hand to support this impression. The highlights include:


  • New clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder and hoses


  • Cooling system check and maintenance


  • New stub axles
  • Handbrake service
  • New rear brake shoes
  • New alternator and fan belt
  • Carburettor service


  • Full service

Other highlights of the paperwork archive is the original MGB owner’s manual and Supercover paperwork in the correct period folder. The current V5 is on hand in the name of the current owner and there are numerous previous MOTs in hard copy included which substantiate the mileage history. Despite being registered as a historic vehicle and thus MOT and VED exempt, a current, advisory free MOT is in place until September 2023.


  • A charming, original interior in a good, used condition
  • Fitted with a Mountney alloy spoked, wood rimmed steering wheel
  • Featuring all of the signature MGB features and fitting

The interior of this MGB appears to be predominantly original and unrestored. Given that the overall condition is good with no obvious areas of significant imperfections noted. The cabin is finished predominantly in black vinyl with matching wool carpets.

The bucket seats feature headrests and are box pleated to both squabs and backrests for additional comfort and support. Whilst showing a charming level of original patina they do not exhibit any major splits or tears. The door cards are finished in a matching black vinyl and have Goodmans surface mounted speakers set into them. No radio or stereo head unit is currently fitted.

The back carpet set appears to be in great condition and is currently protected by heavy duty, MG embossed rubber floor mats. The dashboard is foam and vinyl topped with the face finished in the signature, crackle-finished paintwork. The white on black gauges are bold and easy to read and understood to be in full working condition.

The capacious boot is finished in black carpet and houses the original jack and tools. The boot lid opens and closes easily and positively, and the lid’s underside presents very well too.

Why bid?

The MGB is an absolute staple of the classic car scene thanks to a combination of key ingredients. These include excellent availability of parts, an engaging and enjoyable drive, and a comparatively low cost of ownership.

This is a fine example of the breed, too. It has been lovingly brought back to its current high standard over the last few years by its enthusiastic current owner. It offers a sensible, believed to be original mileage and a long history of diligent maintenance. Given all that, this MGB represents an excellent ownership prospect for its lucky new keeper.

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