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1971 Datsun 240Z - View All





Vehicle History

Overall condition: Excellent
Restored?: Partially restored in 2009
History: Part maintenance history
MOT: Exempt

Originally designed to go toe-to-toe with the already well-established European sports cars of the time, such as the MGB GT, the 240Z had big shoes to fill. Fortunately, the Z was priced rather competitively, and quickly changed American consumers’ perception of Japanese motors.

Today, these sports cars are incredibly rare within the United Kingdom, with collectors constantly on the search for tidy examples of the legendary Z. This particular example is one of the few to be imported from America to the UK and presents a superb opportunity to own a truly iconic Japanese legend.


  • Restored and repainted in 2009
  • Finished in OEM matched PPG Metallic Blue
  • New windscreen & weatherstrips in 2009
  • Refinished trim components in 2009
  • Aftermarket magnesium wheels*
  • Gorgeous 70’s styling
  • Fantastic overall condition

The 240Z is one of those vehicles that any enthusiast can identify at first glance. It’s a quirky design merging retro Japanese touches with styling cues no doubt inspired by European rivals of the time.

This particular example shows off fantastic Metallic Blue paintwork, offering a respectable level of shine and flake in the sunlight. As the included paperwork will reflect, this sleek paintwork is courtesy of a previous owner, who had the vehicle resprayed as part of a body restoration in 2009. The process consisted of stripping the entire body down to the bare metal, tending to rear-end repairs and light bodywork, and finally, a fresh coat of blue paint.

As the vehicle has seen very little use since its respray, the paintwork still presents itself in excellent condition. There are of course incredibly minor defects noticeable upon close inspection, such as the expected front-end stone chips, tiny bubbling near the front side marker, and minor spots of patina, like the one shown just below the driver’s window trim. Although this Datsun is a few minor touchups and perhaps a light polish away from showing a near-perfect finish, buyers are highly unlikely to be displeased with how the paint presents itself.

*Accompanying the blue paintwork sits a set of aftermarket 4-spoke wheels. Although the exact make and model are yet to be verified, these stylish wheels are rather reminiscent of old-school Japanese designs often seen on older Nissans and Mazdas. In fact, these very wheels may indeed be a set of Magnesium American Racing Libre wheels, which are now very difficult to obtain and highly desirable.

Make and model aside, these wheels suit this 240Z perfectly and present themselves in excellent condition for their likely age. Although in need of a decent polish, the lips show very few marks and would no doubt reveal a good amount of shine with some elbow grease. The textured centres offer fair contrast to the lips, and show only minor signs of age towards the end of the spokes, along with some brake dust buildup. As an added bonus, the wheels are wrapped in a matching set of Michelin tyres, with plenty of tread to enjoy.

Trim pieces, badging, glass and details have also been rather well preserved over the years, benefitting from replacement pieces following the restoration & respray. It also seems rather likely that chrome details have indeed been re-chromed during the car’s time in the United States, as the bumpers and details show very few signs of corrosion as typically seen with older chrome. Upon close inspection, you may notice minor water marks and pitting to the chrome and brightwork, although this is very minor. It should also be noted that the black rubber bumper trim does show signs of ageing, but nothing detrimental to the overall appearance. Glass around the vehicle is seemingly damage-free, with tight seals all around.

Watch a video tour of the 1971 Datsun 240Z here:


  • 2.4L straight-six
  • Four-speed manual transmission
  • Well maintained example
  • Drives brilliantly

What better way to establish to American consumers that Japanese cars weren’t simply economy runabouts, than with a 2.4L straight-six with muscle car styling?

The Datsun wasn’t all talk either, quickly proving to be a rather dependable and characterful vehicle to own, even going on to achieve motorsport success. Although hardly comparable to most modern sports cars in terms of performance, the Z still offers one truly enjoyable driving experience, packed with a mixture of straight-six music, and raw handling.

As the included paperwork will reflect, this particular example has received its fair share of maintenance and repairs over the years. Details of notable maintenance and repairs are as follows:


  • Spark plugs
  • Ignition points
  • Ignition condenser
  • Distributor cap
  • Distributor rotor
  • Radiator
  • Fan belt
  • Brake master cylinder
  • Clutch master cylinder
  • Clutch slave cylinder
  • Clutch hose
  • Water pump & hardware
  • Radiator and heater hoses
  • Head bolts


  • Clutch (checked & repaired/replaced)
  • Driveshafts (repaired/replaced)
  • Suspension components repaired/replaced


  • Front shocks
  • Rear shocks
  • Eibach progressive rate springs
  • Bulb and fuse kit
  • Hatchback lock cylinder


  • Hood release cable
  • Rear strut caps
  • 180 degrees thermostat and gasket

There are of course further instances of parts & labour to note over the years, along with a collection of notes from the previous owner, detailing parts and intent to fit them. It is certainly clear that this Datsun has received everything as required, with over $15,000 spent by previous owners.

As a result of the above maintenance and regular servicing, buyers will be pleased to know that this Datsun 240Z now performs without a single known fault. The car fires up right away, happily purrs away on idle, and gladly revs throughout the gears as you unleash the straight-six unto the roads.


  • Original rare blue upholstery
  • Aftermarket speakers
  • 3-spoke wooden steering wheel
  • Excellent condition for its age

Although the interior is hardly the focus of this vehicle, the cabin is actually a rather comfortable, and pleasant space to find oneself. The interior of this 240Z shows off an eye-catching blue quilted interior; a rare factory option seldom seen on other examples.

Given their superb finish for the age of the vehicle, it may be wise to assume the seats have indeed been refinished at some stage, although they still sport the correct colour. As the photos reflect, both seats show minimal wear, with the driver’s seat side bolster arguably showing the most major signs of use throughout the full interior. Regardless of wear, these seats remain as comfortable and practical as ever.

The quirky blue upholstery is further complimented by the classy 3-spoke wooden steering wheel and gearknob. Despite their age, both pieces show minimal wear and still present themselves well today. The steering wheel would perhaps benefit from a fresh coat of lacquer, and the gear knob does show minor scratches and a chip to the top, but both are welcome original components.

Carpeting throughout the cabin has also been well preserved, now showing only minor signs of use that could no doubt be alleviated with a dash of TLC. The headlining follows suit, albeit potentially showing a few incredibly minor low spots where the adhesive has perhaps lost its strength over the years.

In addition to plenty of original components and the rare quilted upholstery, there are tasteful aftermarket features to note. Alpine & Audison tech pairs with a Hertz speaker kit to ensure you’re able to listen to tunes on the road, should you fancy a change from the straight-six melody. These components are indeed believed to be in full working order, as are all existing switches, controls and instruments.

In the boot, you’ll find more clean carpeting, well-preserved quilted details and a spare wheel for emergencies. Minor corrosion appears to be noticeable near the spare wheel, although given the car’s previous restoration, this is highly unlikely to pose a serious concern.

Overall, the cabin has been very well cared for over the years and offers a tasteful mix of original, refurbished and aftermarket components.

Why bid?

As time passes, fewer of these iconic sports cars become available on the global market, with the majority being hidden in private collections, or falling to age. This particular example drives brilliantly, and is in superb condition for its age, with lots of supporting paperwork and history.

With values rising by the day, you simply can’t afford to miss out on such an opportunity!

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