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1970 Jaguar E-Type Series 2 FHC

1970 Jaguar E-Type Series 2 FHC - View All





Vehicle History

Overall condition: Project
Number of owners: 4
History: Part
MOT: Exempt

The Jaguar E-Type first roared to life in 1961, astonishing the automotive world with its breathtaking design and robust specification. Introduced initially as a two-seater coupe or convertible, the E-Type quickly gained a reputation as the epitome of a British sports car.

In 1966, Jaguar introduced the E-Type 2+2 as part of the Series 1 lineup. This version sported a longer wheelbase, a slightly taller windscreen, and optional automatic transmission. The 2+2 was primarily designed to accommodate rear seats, making the E-Type a more practical choice for potential buyers looking for both style and usability.

Hailing from America, this particular E-Type is a Series 2 model representing Jaguar’s international acclaim. It was later brought to the UK and subsequently converted to right-hand drive. Four owners have contributed to its story so far, and it now waits for its fifth custodian.


  • Original wire-spoke rims
  • Finished in Old English White
  • Has surface rust on the paintwork of the vehicle

Finished in Old English White, the E-Type is still undeniably desirable, but carries the weight of time on its wire wheels. Corrosion on the spokes, a paint crack by the front indicator, bubbling on the bonnet and rust near the radio aerial all hint at the need for attention, while the wheel arches show signs of having been resprayed and rust subtly revealing itself around the vehicle.

The front windscreen seal has perished slightly and any potential new owner might also spot the missing front grille, paint bubbling around the headlights, a cracked windscreen, and rust inside the air intakes.

The chrome is found to be pitted around the A-pillar and on the bumpers – the rear bumper looks to be missing some fittings and the rear sills have evidence of rust and bubbling paintwork.

However, despite its visible wear and obvious need for attention, the E-Type maintains its classic stance, encapsulating a story of character and resilience. A thorough restoration could address these common issues and with the enthusiasm and determination of a new owner, the Jaguar could be given a new lease of life that would see it back on the road for another 50 years.

Watch a video of the 1970 Jaguar E-Type Series 2 FHC


  • Fitted with a 4235cc straight-six
  • Converted to right-hand-drive
  • In need of mechanical overhaul
  • Automatic gearbox

Boasting a 4235cc straight-six engine, the E-Type eagerly awaits mechanical attention. As with the bodywork, time’s touch has not been kind and there are obvious issues such as corroded waterways in the engine block, a leaking rear crank oil seal and evidence of water around the fuel cap.

This 2+2 was converted to right-hand drive when imported to the UK and although the remaining tread on the tyres has been measured at 6mm, the tyres are showing evidence of perishing and would need to be replaced.


  • Has versatile rear hatch
  • Period-correct dashboard
  • Largely original

The interior appears to be largely original and features factory-fitted switchgear, dials and a period-correct AM radio. Although the rear seats have aged better than those in the front, all show evidence of wear and would benefit from a deep clean or recovering – as would the headlining.

Footwells on both passenger and driver’s side show evidence of surface rust and would need further investigation, while the harness under the dash would benefit from tidying as there are a number of loose or hanging wires currently visible.

The side-opening rear hatch reveals a surprising amount of space for luggage and once restored, it is clear that the E-Type would make the perfect and practical classic for a touring holiday.

Why bid?

To bid on this Jaguar E-Type 2+2 Series 2 would mean embarking on an automotive adventure and save a piece of motoring history in the process. It is more than just a purchase and is instead an opportunity to devote time, effort, and resources into breathing new life into an iconic, and potentially stunning, leaping cat.

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