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1969 MGB Roadster Project

1969 MGB Roadster Project | Auction | Bidding Classics

1969 MGB Roadster Project - View All

1969 MGB Roadster Project | Auction | Bidding Classics


1969 MGB Roadster Project | Auction | Bidding Classics


1969 MGB Roadster Project | Auction | Bidding Classics


1969 MGB Roadster Project | Auction | Bidding Classics


Car Summary

  • Offered with a remarkable owner count, with just 1 former recorded keeper
  • Includes the heritage certificate, and matching V5C document
  • Benefits from recent restoration work, and shell repairs by renowned specialist Classic & Retro Autos in Durham
  • Fully rebuilt and painted engine (works carried out by Cleasby Engine Services in Durham)
  • Believed to include all of the necessary parts to re-assemble the classic icon

Vehicle History

Overall condition: Project
Number of owners: 1
History: Part
MOT: Exempt

This MGB remarkably boasts just 1 former recorded keeper, as per the included current V5C document. Also included, is the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate, which validates the VIN number, and details the original build specification. There’s also a selection of previous tax discs, and various invoices to peruse through, along with the registration request form.


  • Partially prepared for paintwork, with recent repairs to the likes of;
    1. Both inner and outer sills
    2. Jacking points, and the cross-member
    3. The left-hand floor pan
    4. Lower rear wing, and arch assembly
  • Fitted with two replacement doors, in place of the original rusty pair
  • Comes with a matching VIN number, heritage certificate, and V5C document

With the heritage certificate to show, this MGB does indeed retain its original shell, albeit with some key repairs. As shown in the included photographs and paperwork, the shell has received various repairs to both outer and inner sills, the cross member, jacking points, the lower rear wing, the rear arch assembly, and the floor pan.

Now presented in a combination of primer and the original paint, the shell is believed to be near-ready for completion, with two replacement doors already fitted in place of the rusty original pair. With a dash of TLC and preparation, it appears the shell is well on its way to being ready to receive the engine and an abundance of parts.


  • Believed to include all the required parts to re-assemble the great classic, including;
    1. Fully rebuilt and painted engine (works carried out by Cleasby Engine Services in Durham), along with the gearbox, axle and drivetrain parts
    2. 4 x Original disc wheels
    3. Suspension components, wheels and brakes
    4. Exhaust system
    5. Interior upholstery, seats, and instruments
    6. Fuel tank
    7. Front windscreen
    8. Front grille, and badging
    9. Headlights, tail lights and indicators
    10. Folding soft-top hood
    11. Linkages, hardware and wiring

As the images reflect, this MGB includes a very impressive array of parts, the vast majority of which are indeed believed to be original MG components. Abundant in nature, this collection of parts is understood to consist of nearly everything required to assemble the beloved roadster.

Key components to note include the engine, gearbox, and rear axle, along with suspension components, and additional drivetrain parts. Also included, are two rather desirable MGB leather seats, the dashboard and instrument cluster, and a welcome selection of interior goodies to add.

Although new hardware would likely be recommended, and various components would no doubt benefit from a dash of TLC, it is understood that all major parts are present, and the vehicle is poised to be assembled.

Why bid?

The MGB is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable classics money can buy, providing an incredibly rewarding ownership experience, for tremendous value. Presented today, is a fantastic opportunity to secure a one-owner MGB roadster in project form, presenting hours of fun assembling the vehicle, with the potential for a truly sublime end result.

If you’re looking to bag a low-owner project to enjoy throughout the winter, very few present as much potential as this project offered today.

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Vehicle Specification

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Notice to bidders

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