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1968 Bentley T1 - View All




Vehicle History

Overall condition: Restoration project
Number of owners: 4
History: Part
MOT: None

The development of the Bentley T-Series began in the early 1960s, with the goal of creating a car that would be more powerful and luxurious than its predecessor, the S-Series. The car was based on the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, which it shared many of the same components.

Debuting at the Paris Motor Show on 5 October 1965 the first T-series model was the T1. The car was powered by a 6230cc V8 engine that would later be enlarged to 6750cc V8 in 1971. The T1 was available in both standard and long-wheelbase versions.

The T series was the first unbodied Bentley, and was totally different from its predecessor the S series. It featured a new steel and aluminium monocoque body with subframes to mount the engine and suspension. While smaller overall, it had more passenger and luggage room.

The ‘T’ also featured independent suspension on all four wheels with automatic height control according to loading. Other major improvements over its predecessor included disc brakes on all wheels (with a triplicate hydraulic braking system patented from Citroën that also supplied pressure for the self-levelling suspension); new and lighter power steering, improved automatic transmission, eight-way adjustable electric front seats, and a larger fuel tank. The engine received a redesigned cylinder head that allowed a speed increase to 118 miles per hour.

In October 1966, the T saloon’s pre-tax ‘list price’ of £5425.

During its production run, the Bentley T-Series was a popular choice among wealthy buyers, including royalty and celebrities. The car’s combination of luxury, comfort, and performance made it a status symbol and a popular choice for chauffeur-driven transportation.

This 1968 T1 for sale on Bidding Classics has been in the care of the same gentlemen for the last 17-years and has just former 3 former owners, which is exceptionally rare for a car of its age.


Presented in a gorgeous two-tone brown paint. This Bentley is complemented with stunning chrome accents and the iconic Bentley grille.

There are notable signs of wear due to the vehicle, due to being stored outside a central London property for many years with no use. There is notable paint wear and peel on most panels, with notable cracking to the bonnet.

Chrome presents well and the Bentley badges appear in good condition. Lights and glass present well with no visible deterioration. Wheels look in good condition with all tyres inflated.

There are many notable areas of corrosion from the vehicle being stored outside with visible rust located along the sills and wheel arches. However, the vehicle would need to be seen on a ramp in order to fully assess where all the rust is located.

Most significant wear to the vehicle is located on the rear section of the roof, which has fallen into the cabin. The owner’s grandson (who is managing the sale of the vehicle on behalf of his grandad) has attempted to weather-proof the vehicle by placing pieces of carpet and flooring on the top of the Bentley to keep the elements out.

Watch a video of the 1968 Bentley T1


This Bentley T1 is powered by a 6230cc V8 engine, with indicated milleage of 54,906-miles. During the site visit the photographer and gentlemen managing the sale were unable to open the bonnet of the vehicle. However, we suspect based on how the vehicle has been stored all major mechanical components, such as engine and brakes, would require a complete overhaul.


Opening the car reveals a very strong smell of mould, the black leather seats didn’t feel damp under brief inspection. There are tears in both rear seats in the offside centre. Rear occupants have wooden pull out rear wooden tables that present in excellent condition and still retain a plastic protective coating. All doors open and close just as they should and feel very solid whilst being operated.

Inside there is no carpet throughout the vehicle. The wooden veneers presents well with no visible colour deterioration or cracking. All the switches on the front dashboard appear to be in good working order and present in the correct places.

Why bid?

Widely regarded as one of the most luxurious and sophisticated cars of its era. The T1’s classic design with long hood and elegant lines, is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. This example will require a complete ground-up-restoration before it will be reunited with the road once more. So, if you’re looking to acquire a classic piece of Bentley heritage, that is a blank canvas where you have the unique and rare opportunity to rebuild the car exactly to your vision.

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