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1962 Fiat 1200 Cabriolet (Reserve Lowered)

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Car Summary

  • Purchased by the current keeper in Italy, and driven to the UK in 2015
  • Fitted with a larger 1.6L dual overhead cam 4-cylinder from the Fiat 124
  • Previously repainted & fitted with a new soft top, and new wheels
  • Re-upholstered interior, with plenty of original components remaining
  • Drives & performs very well, with plenty of maintenance to note

Vehicle History

Overall condition: Great
Number of owners: 1 UK Owner
History: Partial service/maintenance history/Partially Restored
MOT: Exempt, although it will be sold with a full MOT

The Fiat 1200 was first introduced in 1957, in the form of the 4-door saloon Granluce and convertible Spider variants. The Spider would then be superseded in 1959, by the Pininfarina-designed 1200 Cabriolet presented today. It should come as no surprise that Pininfarina’s legendary styling still continues to shine to this day, and these little rear-wheel drive cabriolets are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

This particular example has a rather interesting past, having been purchased and enjoyed by the previous keeper in Canada, prior to returning to its homeland with the same owner. In 2015, the current keeper then traveled to Pescara, Italy to purchase this stunning little roadster, and proceeded to drive the vehicle all the way back to the UK, journeying up the Adriatic coast, and passing through the Mont Blanc tunnel.

Since its arrival in the UK, this 1200 has continued to be cared for by the current keeper, as part of a historic collection. Courtesy of the current keeper, the vehicle has received a new interior, a new set of period-correct wheels, and plenty of maintenance along the way. The vehicle has proven to be a rather dependable companion, even embarking on two European trips to Angouleme in 2016 and Monaco this past May to see the Historique Grand Prix.

The vehicle is now ready to be enjoyed by the lucky new keeper and will be sold with a fresh service and MOT certificate.


  • Iconic Pininfarina styling
  • Previously fitted with a new folding hood
  • Previously repainted in gloss black
  • Period correct 15” steel wheels, with whitewalls
  • Great overall condition

Pininfarina has certainly worked its magic with the 1200, offering a very classy roadster, with plenty of sporty lines, and classic touches. It’s certainly a vehicle that will suit a classic collection and never fails to turn heads wherever it ventures.

As the images reflect, the vehicle is in great condition for its age, benefitting from years of care, and its dry storage here in the UK. Having been repainted throughout its time with a previous keeper, the gloss black paintwork shows rather few signs of age, with only a few minor blemishes to note.

Perhaps most notable, is a mark on either side of the rear number plate, slight cracking to the bonnet paintwork, a minor scratch to the lower sill, and an ever so slight lacquer indifference on the boot. These are rather minor defects for the vehicle’s age and only slightly detract from the overall paintwork condition.

The vehicle also seemingly sports most of its original chrome/trim components, and badging. As such, there are minor signs of age to be observed, but this is often a welcome trade for originality. It should be noted that there is also a slight mark on the passenger’s side windscreen, although this doesn’t significantly impact visibility.

The car currently sits on a gorgeous set of 15” steel wheels, complete with hubcaps and white wall tyres. Sourced from Fiat Osca Special Parts in Holland by the current keeper, these wheels are in excellent condition, with only a few minor blemishes.

Overall, this Fiat 1200 is presented in great condition for its age, offering a gorgeous cabriolet that is perfectly suited to be enjoyed out on the open road.

Watch a video of the 1962 Fiat 1200 Cabriolet


  • Fitted with a 1.6 DOHC inline-four from the Fiat 124
  • 5-speed manual gearbox
  • Runs & drives brilliantly, with the speedometer and odometer being the only non-functioning components at this point in time
  • Well-maintained example, with plenty of invoices for parts & labour

This particular 1200 is a rather interesting example, believed to have been fitted with a 1.6 DOHC four-cylinder from a Fiat 124, in 1972. As a result, you’ll find this spritely cabriolet far more capable and enjoyable than its original, somewhat lacklustre 1.2 form. 

Buyers will be pleased to know that as a result of excellent care & maintenance, the vehicle fires up right away, and drives brilliantly. The only known faults with the vehicle can be found with the odometer and speedometer, which don’t currently work.

Although not a great deal of paperwork is included from previous owners, the current keeper has done a fantastic job at keeping all invoices for maintenance & repairs throughout their time with the vehicle. Included receipts detail the likes of servicing, a fuel filter, wheel cylinder repairs, a new timing belt, new brake components, and more.

With only the aforementioned odometer and speedo issues to note, this Fiat 1200 Cabriolet is ready to be enjoyed, and will no doubt provide endless enjoyment on the road for years to come.


  • Re-upholstered original seats
  • New carpeting throughout the cabin
  • No seatbelts, as per period requirements
  • Original Fiat 1200 steering wheel

The interior of this Fiat 1200 shows off an excellent combination of original components, and re-upholstered pieces. Courtesy of the current keeper, the vehicle shows off new carpeting, re-upholstered seats, and new door cards.

As plenty of original components still remain, there are of course minor signs of age to be expected here and there. The passenger’s window winder is also partially broken but still operates perfectly fine with the remaining handle. Minor contact marks can also be found on the glass, but hardly anything noticeable whilst driving & enjoying this gorgeous 1200.

With a thorough interior detail, dashes of TLC, and perhaps areas of tidying up within the boot, the interior of this Fiat 1200 Cabriolet will no doubt rival the condition of its earlier days.

Why bid?

Tidy, well-preserved examples of these classy cabriolets are becoming increasingly difficult to find in today’s market, and deserve to be snapped up by collectors and enthusiasts alike. This particular 1200 has the added bonus of a more powerful & reliable engine, as well as plenty of previous maintenance, and light restoration.

If you’re looking for a sleek example of the classic Fiat 1200 Cabriolet, this is without a doubt, the car for you.

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